Real estate services

Vyncent Ledoux, I work for you

Selling a property

You want to sell your property? I offer my services to ensure that the sale process runs smoothly so that you can sell your property with peace of mind and at the right price.

Buying a property

Thanks to my expertise and excellent negotiating skills, you will go through all the steps of the purchase process with a minimum of stress and access your new property more quickly.

Mortgage refinancing

Thinking of refinancing your mortgage? Let me evaluate your options so that you can get the most out of a mortgage refinancing such as a more advantageous interest rate for your mortgage.

Real estate investments

Are you a real estate investor or would you like to make your first rental investment? Residential real estate is much more accessible than you might think and has several advantages. As an investor, I will be pleased to listen to your project and advise you.

Property evaluation

How do I know if the price charged for a property truly reflects its market value? What influences the selling price of a property? This information is very useful if you decide to sell or buy a property. My network of professionals will be able to guide you.

Legal issues

Buying or selling a property is not a decision that is taken lightly. This is an important and far-reaching act. To ensure that your transaction runs smoothly, consult my network of professionals for everything related to the legal aspects of a real estate transaction.

You want to sell or buy a property?

Contact me now. It will be a great pleasure for me to help you realize your real estate project.